We provide advice in mergers, acquisitions and operations involving restructuring (including carve-outs) and externalisation. In particular, we carry out audits on intangible assets and data protection and we prepare the necessary agreements and documents in each operation, including assignments and licences of intellectual property rights. We also provide advice in the design and execution of strategies for the protection of such rights.


Public and private M&A

We have handled the analysis of IP rights and IT issues in a number of public and private M&A transactions. In many of them the intellectual property rights were part of the core business of the company. This is the case of media, advertising agencies, publishers, software developers, pharmaceutical laboratories and ecommerce companies. Our work has included the preparation of due diligence reports (both of purchaser and vendor), the preparation, review and negotiations of representations and warranties as well as of licence and/or assignment agreements and the constitution and cancellation of rights in rem over intellectual property rights.


Audits of Big Data services

We have conducted an audit of IP related questions of a company that grants licenses of use of a benchmarking technology platform that use Big Data analysis. The audit involved the analysis of complex issues regarding the processing of personal data and the ownership of aggregated information contained in the data base of the target company.


Contractual and data protection issues in the financial industry

We have advised various financial entities on contractual and data protection issues resulting from the integration of their IT systems in the context of successive mergers with other financial entities and savings banks.


Training for R&D and marketing departments

We regularly carry out training sessions on IP/IT, sometimes in collaboration with trademark and patent agencies in order to provide more comprehensive trainings.

Work of architecture

We have audited the entire IP portfolio related to a landmark corporate building in the city of Barcelona. In the framework of this mandate we analysed the chain of transfers of rights related to the architectural work and the interior designs.