We advise and represent our clients in all type of judicial actions regarding conflict resolution & negotiation.


We help companies to take advantage of business opportunities by reducing IP/IT risks.

Example: A major IT company intended to participate in a joint venture with a start-up. The project involved potential copyright risks. We assessed these risks and dratied a save contractual framework where both parties felt confident allowing them to take the business opportunity.


We help companies to transform conflicts in business opportunities by proposing win-win solutions.

Example: A trademark licensee for more than 20 years confronted a termination for convenience by the licensor without any kind of negotiation. The licensee sued the licensor to obtain leverage and bring it to the negotiation table. We helped the parties to find a creative solution that ended the court proceedings and generated business for both parties.


We help companies to expand their network by sharing our contacts.

Example: An IT Spanish company needed to internationalize their business in a new market. We helped introducing to them to several law firms of our trust. They finally choose one of such firms that also introduced them other valuable contacts to set up a business in an unexplored market.