We conduct due diligences of intangible assets and data protection.


Public and private M&A

We have dealt with the analysis of intangible rights in numerous M&A transactions. In many of them, industrial and intellectual property rights were part of the company’s core business, as was the case in operations for media, advertising agencies, publishers, software development companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, fintech and online payments providers. Our work has included the preparation of legal audit reports, the preparation, review and negotiation of contractual R&Ws and licensing and/or assignment of rights and the establishment and/or cancellation of mortgages on intangible property.

Big Data Services Audit

We have conducted an audit of the IP/IT issues of a company that licenses the use of a technology platform that employs big data analytics to deliver benchmarking results to its customers. The audit entailed the analysis of complex issues related to the processing of personal data and the ownership of aggregated information in the target company’s database.

Vendor’s due diligence reports

We collaborate with various firms in the preparation of IP/IT sections and data protection of vendors DD reports for use in auction processes.