We advise and represent our clients in all type of court proceedings and administrative actions on unfair competition and unlawful advertising, including actions for trade secrets infringement and claims before the Jury of the Spanish advertising self-regulation organisation (Autocontrol).


Television spots of a consumer product

We have represented the subsidiary of an important Swedish hygiene products company in a complex civil litigation for unlawful advertising and unfair competition brought by its main competitor regarding two TV spots. The plaintiff argued the existence of comparative advertising, among other grounds. We filed a counter-claim for partial trademark revocation. The civil courts dismissed most of the unfair competition actions brought by our client’s competitor and upheld our partial trademark revocation claim.

Loss-making sale

We represent a client from the consumer sector in preliminary legal proceedings initiated by one of its most direct competitors for unfair competition based on a predatory pricing strategy.

Proceedings before the Advertising Jury (Autocontrol)

We represent our clients on a regular basis in dispute resolution proceedings before the Spanish advertising self-regulation organisation (Autocontrol). We have acted as plaintiffs in the latest two proceedings in which we have been involved (one based on the use of exclusionary advertising by a direct competitor of our client and the other one concerning the labelling of certain products).

Imitation of motorcycle clothing

We are representing an Italian manufacturer of clothing for motorcycle riders in unfair competition actions for acts of imitation against a former distributor in Spain.